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Thousand Oaks Acorn

Final Park Board Field Numbers Five

  • "With CRPD losing two longtime directors at the same time, Short said, it’s the right time to elect a candidate with experience."
  • “I’d focus on more collaborative projects between CRPD, the city and the school district,” he said [Short], pointing to the Cal Lutheran University swimming pool as an example of the agencies working together to bring a resource to the community. “Like they say, many hands make light loads.”
  • “I hope to find ways to maximize use of the parks and try to reduce overall costs, especially of water, along the way,” he said. “The cost of water to the district is huge and it’s only going to get worse.”

Letters to the Editor in The Acorn: 10/4/2018

Candidate walks the walk

Letter to the Editor by: Jeff Matson

  • "I’ve come across many individuals who are what I consider deep in the community. John Short is one of these individuals."
  • "John has the demonstrated experience as former board member with the Conejo Recreation and Park District. His 33 years of experience as a financial advisor is truly needed to help make sound financial decisions for CRPD. John is a leader in the community. If there’s a need in the city, John is involved."

Friends would be fine on boards 

Letter to the Editor by: Dave Mortimer

  • "Simply put: John is a dynamo of energy and enthusiasm, and has an unending supply of it to devote to the CRPD board."

Short has vast experience 

Letter to the Editor by: Joey Herrick

  • "John has been a servant to our community for over 23 years in many capacities, including serving for two years on the Conejo Recreation and Park board to fill a vacancy in 2009 and 2010.John’s vast experience as a board member and his passion for the parks, open space, the senior center and park district activities make him the right candidate."

Letters to the Editor in The Acorn: 10/11/2018

Voices for long for Short

Letter to the Editor by:  Dennis Gillette / Brian Hynes

  • " His 33 years of professional financial management experience and prior CRPD service makes him the ideal choice to fill a position on the CRPD board this November. "  Dennis Gillette
  • "John has the leadership skills, the knowledge CRPD and the determination to be an effective leader once again."  Brian Hynes

Letters to the Editor in the Acorn:  10/18/2018

Candidate will serve CRPD well

Letter to the Editor by:  Pat Johnson

  • "John is a man who feels the Conejo community life flowing through him."
  • "You will often find him riding around on his "hog" as he breathes the love for our area in everything he does, through a smile, a wink or a hello.."

Short belongs on park board

Letter to the Editor by: Cristy Warner 

  • "I admire John for his selfless volunteer work"
  • "I respect and appreciate John for his generosity and dedication to the causes he believes in."

Candidate cares about Conejo

Letter to the Editor by:  Joe Gibson

  • "He will put in the time necessary to assure that all stakeholders have a voice."
  • "John Short has a history of community involvement extending beyond sports programs."

Letters to the Editor in the Acorn: 10/25/2018

As residents

Letter to the Editor by: Phil & Mimi Lachina

  •  "Conejo Recreation and Park District will clearly be stronger, better and even more focused with him on their team."
  • "Our hometown benefits from John’s service to the community without even knowing he’s there."

As an Alumn

Letter to the Editor by: Stacy Radke

  • " His ability to bring the community together is why I endorse John Short."
  • " I determined he was a transformational leader, always inspiring individuals to be their best and to give back to the community. John inspired me to be my best and to give back to the community by joining the Relay For Life Conejo Valley."

My Friend

Letter to the Editor by:  Pastor Dick Margeson

  • " I have witnessed John’s compassion for families, children, veterans and first responders. His word is his bond. I especially appreciate his integrity and wisdom." 
  • " John is an individual who follows through, and I know he will do the right thing. He places principles above personalities and will consider all points of view."

Voting for Short for Park Board

Letter to the Editor by:  Tim Weavor

  • "John will represent the community’s best interests on the park board ."
  • "I highly recommend John because of his deep passion for the city of T.O. and its future."

John Short is...

Letter to the Editor by:  Roger Lazar

  • "John Short is the can-do guy."
  • "He represents the type of leadership the park district needs to maintain and improve the recreational quality of life in our community."